Sweet and docile,

Meek, humble, and kind:

Beware the day

They change their mind.”

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"It’s horrible when your heart is somewhere your body is not."

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Anonymous: What's barbershop tumblr 



Black men, internalized racism, misogyny. Highest of high standards for women but ugly with terrible personalities and jobless. Ashy. Smelly. “Black people are just going to forget about this in a week like they always do! Stop complaining online and go outside” every time there’s a racist national tragedy. Transphobic. Misogynistic unfunny jokes under Black women’s posts. Shitting on Black women for being irrational (or whatever the problem is today) on their own posts and have baseless arguments. They literally do not know that sociological theory exists and think that Black women (mainly) on the internet talking about it are just being overemotional and irrational when they could just open a book. They think words like “cis” are new and made up on tumblr.. (open a science book). They take memes seriously.. The aint shit niggas.. “Body count” niggas.. The ones that are friends with that one white guy they hang out with on the internet that uses AAVE poorly and they all cosign for some reason??